UpLift System

The Uplift system designed to assist clients with forward transfers, this system can achieve a near standing position by mechanically opening the back angle and extending the platform while the seat is lifted forward.

System Highlights
Uplift – optional 32°, 37°, 45°, or 85° of anterior lift with synchronized recline and foot platform
Legrest is mechanically linked, as the seat lifts, legrest extends to ground level
Back is mechanically linked to open the back angle as the seat lifts
Power module lifts back of seat pan forward to assist with transfers
Standard Features
250 - 300 lbs Standard Weight Capacity
All Systems come with the seat pan, standard back pan, armrest, armpads and legrest
Standard Seat Widths: 16" - 22"
Standard Seat Depths (Slotted adjustment in 3" ranges): 15" - 22"
Lifetime Structural Warranty
Positioning Options
32° - 80° of Uplift
Elevating Seat Module: 6", 7"
Elevating Seat Weight Capacities: 225 lbs or 280 lbs
174° Power Recline Module
Extended Shear Reduction (ESR)
Power Sliding Back
Specialty Modules (RFQ)
Power Swing Away Backpack
Power Headrest (on selected sizes and bases)
Power Swing Away Chin Control and Mid Line Mount
MaTRx Seatung Options
MaTRx-V and Flo-tech Cushions
MaTRx-PB and Elites, High Back and Contour Backs
Standard Electronics
Enhanced Electronics
Electronics Accessories
Accessories and Options
Motion Concepts Headrests, Stealth Comfort Plus and Combination Headrest
Standard, Waterfall, Flat Gel Arm Pads and Ergonomic Arm Troughs
Arm Pad Storage/Cup Holder
Lateral Trunk Supports and Hip Supports, removable or fixed
Transfer Handles
Lighting Effects and Headlights
Single and Double Backpacks
O2 Holders
Liquid and Gas O2 Holders