Lateral Tilt Module

The Lateral Tilt module is designed to complement traditional positioning solutions. It has been prescribed to provide pressure reduction, aid in transfers and assist in respiration, swallowing and gastric emptying

System Highlights
Enables a tilt, recline or tilt/recline system to tilt laterally up to 15° left and right
Accommodates most front rigging options (70° swing-away footrests are recommended)
Offers up to 30° of tilt or tilt/recline while laterally tilted, based on drive lock-out limits of the system
Built-in centering function to return seat to home position
150 lbs weight capacity as standard configuration, other weight capacities available through request for quotation (RFQ)
Must be ordered through request for quotation (RFQ)
Seat-to-floor height starts at 20"