Active Controls Power Buddy

The USB Charger and Guide Light for Portable Electronics

The Power Buddy's premium design features two rows of powerful LED lights to help you see and be seen. The flexible swan neck design allows you to twist and move the PowerBuddy so you can easily plug in your charging cord without having to fuss with it. The XLR plug can even be rotated 180 degrees to fit any position on virtually all scooters and power wheelchairs with off-board chargers.

The PowerBuddy comes in attractive and ready-to-hang retail blister packaging. It is available in cartons of 8 to mobility product providers.

Product Features

  • The PowerBuddy can be used to charge your devices while you ride - you don't have to shut down your mobility device to recharge your phone
  • Flexible swan neck design allows you to easily position the Power Buddy for virtually any configuration and allows you to easily connect your devices
  • Plug and play - easily installs into your power wheelchair or scooter's charging port
  • Swivel head function to ensure optimum performance with non-standard XLR ports
  • Includes Universal USM Adaptor and securing lanyard
  • Input 12-30 volts DC - Max input current: 1 Amp
  • Output: 5 volts DC - Max output current: 1 Amp via USB
  • Overload and fault protection: Electronic and standard fusing - Input and Output