Quickie QM-715 HD

The Quickie QM-715™HD is the heavy duty version of the popular Quickie QM-710™. Features like SpiderTrac™ Suspension, an intuitive mid-wheel drive base, and PG Drives electronics provide superior ride comfort over any terrain. The Quickie QM-715HD also ships with two high-torque 5 mph Linix motors designed to provide additional power to clear high thresholds and easily climb steep grades. With a 400 lb. user weight limit, the QM-715 HD is a tough, durable ride.
Dreamlike Transitions
The Quickie QM-715 HD SpiderTrac™ Suspension takes the jolt and forward pitching out of everyday step/curb transitions. Unlike spring suspension caster systems that often collapse when rolling off a step/curb or locking caster systems that prevent collapse but frequently have a jarring impact, the SpiderTrac™ Suspension uses a gas spring system to dampen the impact without collapsing. Result: a super smooth transition onto or off of most any step or curb. You have to experience it to believe it!
Proven Reliability
The Quickie QM-715 HD power base is a fresh new design, but it is built with time tested components, including Linix motors and PG Drives® VR2/R-net electronics. This combination of time tested componentry and design innovation provides the basis for the QM-715 HD's outstanding performance.
Heavy-Duty Tilt Mechanism
This tilt mechanism uses a multi-bar linkage system and linear actuator to ensure that the tilt movement remains smooth and controlled throughout the tilt cycle. The larger actuator motor used on the Quickie QM-715 HD tilt mechanism is 50% larger that the one used on the Quickie QM-710, which is why it is rated for user weights up 400 lbs.
Easy Serviceability
To ensure easy serviceability, the QM-715 HD design team reduced the number of parts in the wheel base by over 30% from the previous mid-wheel model. They designed the interface system to accept power lift and tilt modules that easily slot in and out. They also went out of their way to route all wiring inside the chair's modular components. The outcome is a clean, efficient power chair that is easy to service and highly reliable.
As the name suggests, SpiderTrac™ Suspension features independent suspension on all 6 wheels. This independence helps each wheel to maintain constant contact with the ground. The design also optimizes the articulation range of the front and rear casters to give the chair a spider-like ability to crawl onto and over steep transitions without compromising user stability.
"Assignable buttons" is an exclusive feature to PG Drives (R-net electronics) and Quickie Wheelchairs that lets dealers, clinicians, and technicians assign commonly used functions such as tilt-up, tilt-down, legrests-up, legrests-down, etc. to many of the available buttons and ports on the joystick. Users can simply punch a buddy button or similar device to accomplish a menu-function input without wading through a maze of menu selections.
The R-net electronic controls on the QM-715 HD provide simple programming options with outstanding reliability. They feature optional color screens and the ability to add optional specialized inputs such as chin control, sip-n-puff control, and various head array systems. R-net electronics also offer some unique programming profiles that provide the ability to mix proportional and non-proportional controls on one chair. Many of the R-net control buttons can be assigned customized functions.
Mid-wheel drive chairs are the most intuitive and maneuverable power chairs in the market because the center-of-rotation is located directly beneath the user. The QM-715 HD utilizes this mid-wheel drive technology along with a robust suspension package to easily navigate confined indoor spaces and more rugged, uneven outdoor environments. It's the best of both worlds.
The QM-715 HD offers 5 different base colors to suit your style: Candy Apple Red, High Gloss Black, Candy Blue, Silver, and Copper.
Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: Quickie QM-715 HD BC: K0850
Quickie QM-715 HD SC: K0858
Product Weight: BC - 310 lbs.
SC - 350 lbs.
Product Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
Seat Width Range: 16" - 22" (Will vary depending on seating system used)
Seat Depth Range: 16" - 22" (Will vary depending on seating system used)
Drive Wheel Position: Mid-Wheel
Speed: 5 MPH
Turning Raduis: 20"
Front STFH: BC: 17.5", 18.5", 19.5", 20.5"
SC: 18", 19", 20", 21"
Overall Base Width: 25"
Overall Length: 36" w/out footrests
Launch Date: February 13, 2012