TiLite TX

TX Innovation

TiFit in a Folding Chair. The TX is the only folding chair on the market that is a made-to-measure wheeled prosthetic.

Dual-Tube Frame. Imagine fewer strokes throughout the day and less wasted energy as you push. Then introduce your imagination to the superior rigidity and optimal energy transfer of the dual-tube frame of the TX. Want more? It folds.

Snap-In Seat Saddles lock the cross tubes in place on TiLite’s rigid folding mechanism. This feature helps the TX achieve rigid chair performance.

The TX utilizes Machined Plugs to create rear wheel camber. In contrast to using washers to create rear wheel camber, the use of machined camber plugs precisely aligns the TX’s rear wheels, allowing the chair to consistently track straight.

TiShaft Back Release Bar makes folding and unfolding the backrest easy from any angle.

TX Options

Performance 5-Spoke Soft Roll Wheel weighs just 1.6 ounces.

TiLite chairs feature Tattooed Finishes. These are not stickers. These are real tattoos permanently imprinted onto the finish of your new titanium or aluminum TiLite chair frame!

TX Specifications

Frame Type* Folding
Frame Style* Dual-Tube
Frame Material* Titanium
TiFit* YES
Adjustability* Limited Adjustability
Growable* N/A
Custom Configuration* YES
Frame Options Fixed Front End
Transport Weight** 12.3 lbs.
Chair Width Calculate Width
Seat Width 12" - 20"
Seat Depth 14" - 20"
Front Seat Height 15" - 21"
Rear Seat Height 14" - 19"
Camber 0°, 2° or 4°
Front Frame Angle 70°, 80° or 85°
Footrest Width Options Standard Taper
Seat Back Type Folding Seat Back
Adj. Height 13" - 22"
Adj. Angle 80° - 100°

Fixed Seat Back
Adj. Height 12" - 20.5"
Fixed Angle 80° - 100°
Center of Gravity Adjustment Fixed or 3"
Weight Limit 250 lbs.
Transit Options N/A
Warranty Lifetime on Frame
Limited Lifetime on Components