Convaid Safari Tilt


The Safari features include an extended range of tilt for feeding, stabilizing and comfort; adjustable recline; anda flat planar seat for solid support.

  • 5 - 45º of adjustable tilt provides pressure relief& upper body support
  • 90 - 135º of recline opens the seat angle for improved digestion & respiration
  • Solid seat cushionpromotes stability
  • Unique umbrella style fold - fold& go!
  • Wider wheels provide added stability & comfort for your child or teen
  • In-depth positioning options provideoptimal support
  • Transit models adhere to national safety standards - safe to use in a busor van!

Pediatric Tilt Wheelchair with Recline & Compact Fold!

The Safari Tilt Transit Option – For children who must remain in their wheelchair during travel, a Convaid, compact-folding, transit wheelchair thatmeets WC19 standards is the safest choice. The Transit Option can be ordered on almost any Convaid wheelchair. The Convaid Transit Chair is a convenient, compact-folding wheelchair that is RESNA-WC19 compliant and has been“crash-tested”to proper industry standards. The Transit Option is ideal for transport on the bus to school, day programs, or field trips. The Transit Option requires the chair come equipped with 4 bright red anchors, headrest extension, positioning belt and foot positioners. All Convaid Safari Tilt wheelchairs with a"T"in the model name, areWC19TransitReadyand can beusedas seating in a bus or van.

Wheelchair options include multi-positioning, elevating legrests; height-adjustable, swing-away footplates; height-adjustable, flip-up armrests; and toggle wheel locks, for extra safety.The 4" seat-depth adjustment allows for your child's growth, and the attractive Cordura fabric removes for machine washing, providing you with years of use.

Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair – Set Your Wheels In Motion!

All Convaid Safari Tilt Wheelchairs have earned a HCPCS code of E1232 because theyhave been classified asTilt-in-Space, pediatric, compact-folding wheelchairs.

Simple adjustments to the Safari Wheelchair allow you to extend the life of the chair for your growing child, teen, or young adult.The Convaid Safari Tilt has several options available -Recline opens the seat-to-back angle, Anatomic back provides extra back and lumbar support.

New Improved Wheels

Standardon the Convaid Safari Tilt, these high quality, lightweight foam filled tires with sealed precision double bearings,quick releaserear axles, andprecision wheel locks.The style of tire on your folding portable wheelchair is very important. It determines maneuverability, the smoothness of the ride, and the amount of maintenance required. With these high quality, lightweight foam filled 7.5" x 2" Front, 11.5" x 2.5" Rear Solid Tires, you can be sure that you will get a durable tire, which provides a comfortable ride!

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