•Soft ergonomic fabric pad, double layer foam for lateral comfort. This product is designed to reduce compression and irritation of the underarm at the time of using underarm crutches. •Specially designed to provide underarm crutch users extra comfort at the time of using crutches for walking purposes. •Fits any standard underarm crutches •The top cover of the Ergo-Pad is washable in standard laundry devices. It is made of high-end ergonomic fabric with sweat absorbing pores. •Resistant to body perspiration. Fast evaporation of sweat after absorption. •Sold in Pairs, easy to install in seconds. Secured with Velcro Straps and Laces. Extremely lightweight. •Ergonimic Air Reservour cushion pad •The overall pad has six independent shock absorbing padded parts: Four on the top act as cushion for the entire underarm portion of the body. The other two cushions are on the side of the pad, one for the chest section of the body, and one for the underarm sides.