Nurmi Neo Walker

  • Promotes independent walking
  • Supports an upright body posture and natural gait pattern
  • Makes social contact with friends and siblings easier
  • High level of safety
  • Easy to fold to a compact size
  • Available in two bright frame colors

Walking improves your child's mobility and independence. In the upright position, your child can establish contact with friends and family members more easily and can actively participate in events at home or at the Kindergarten. Our Nurmi Neo gait trainer helps your child walk independently and explore the environment.

Promotes the Natural Gait Pattern

Nurmi Neo is positioned behind the body and is open in the walking direction. Therefore your child’s body is kept upright and a natural gait pattern is possible. Existing body functions are used and promoted efficiently so that your child soon moves with more confidence. The low weight and easy-rolling wheels make it possible for your child to walk without a lot of effort and to actively participate in everyday life. Nurmi is especially practical because you can fold it to a compact size and transport it quickly and easily. Therefore your child is always mobile even when you are out and about.

Of course, safety is not disregarded. Nurmi Neo distinguishes itself through a high degree of stability. Your child can always rely on the gait trainer and feel safe. In addition, the roll-lock devices on the rear wheels prevent the gait trainer from rolling back accidentally. You can also equip Nurmi with an additional anti-tipper. An additional friction brake could increase the feeling of safety even more, especially when your child is learning its first steps with the gait trainer.

Nurmi Grows with your Child

Nurmi Neo grows with your child and can be used over an extended period of time. You can use the height-adjustable hand grips to adapt Nurmi to your child’s body size. In addition, a large range of accessories is available for various requirements and clinical pictures. In order to make the gait trainer even more maneuverable and to allow your child to change direction spontaneously, it is also equipped with steerable front wheels. We offer Nurmi Neo in two bright frame colors.