Patterson Medical Jenx Multi-Stander

The good looks and sound functions of Multi-Stander make standing practical and enjoyable for children. The flexible design offers a wide array of configurations for prone, upright or supine standing. Suitable for children from 6 months to 6 years with a maximum height of 45-1/4” and a maximum user weight of 77 lbs.

Jenx Multi-Stander includes: frame with four locking casters, standard footplate, hip pad board, thoracic pad board and knee cup mounting brackets.

Required accessories: Hip Pads, Thoracic Pads, Knee Cups and Sandals. Headrest required for supine standing.

Optional components: Tray, Removable Covers, Chest Prompt Pad, Elbow Blocks, Sandal Raising Spacers and Angle Adjustable Footplate.


The Multi-Stander has headrest options for use in supine position. Support straps offer excellent support for the child and easy use for the caregiver. Continuous gas spring-assisted angle adjustment is lockable. The child may be positioned anywhere between upright and horizontal. This multifunctional stander accommodates children smaller than the minimum height by using sandal-raising blocks. High-rise thoracic pad option provides extra support. The removable tray can be adjusted for height, angle and depth. Gas spring-assisted board height adjustment. PU positioning pads and boards allow easy cleaning.