Canopy Bed for Homecare






Offers the safety of an enclosed crib
bed and a completely padded interior
- no exposed metal parts.


  • The mesh panels unzip on all four sides
    for complete access to the patient.
    Locking zippers can be positioned
    where needed for the use of IV lines
    while the bed is closed.
  • Available in two mattress widths
    34" and 42"
  • Height Adjustable Hydraulic model: raises from 27" to 37" by hand crank

Falling from a bed or crib can cause serious
injury. An enclosed bed prevents a child from climbing over the side and falling to the floor.
Any patient who roams unsupervised during
the night when caregivers are sleeping can
be a danger to himself or others in the house.

The Canopy enclosure is constructed of strong polyester mesh and Sure-Chek healthcare vinyl.
The vinyl is bacteria resistant and the cover can be removed for cleaning. The Canopy Bed
mattress is constructed of high density, fire-retardant foam covered in Sure-Chek Comfort vinyl. The Height Adjustable model provides convenience for the caregiver when a patient needs frequent medical attention. Raise the bed surface 10 inches by a hydraulic hand crank.

Canopy Bed Includes:

  • Padded Steel Bed frame
  • Mesh Enclosure
  • 2-Layer Mattress
  • Padded Bed Rails
  • 6 Fitted Sheets
  • Casters (2 locking, 2 non-locking)


  • Head Elevation Crank
  • Head or Knee Elevation Wedge
  • Storage Basket
  • Crib Height Leg Extensions

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