Recaro Monza Car seat

The Recaro Monza Nova 2 Car Seat is a booster style car seat for children with special needs. A 5-point built-in harness allows for better positioning for larger kids while proving excellent safety and stability. The lightweight design is easy to lift in and out of the car. Additional padding in the headrest area is removable and washable, and speakers in the headrest keep kids calm and help with head control. To adjust for height, the headrest can be lifted, while a pump fills the neck support with air for better head control. 

The Recaro Monza Nova 2 Car Seat is one of the only car seats in North America that features the 5-point harness and optional swivel base for easier transfers and meets the highest safety standards. Instead of turning the child as you transfer and lift them into the seat to face forward, the swivel base allows you to seat them and then turn them. This also decreases the vertical lift to get them traditionally up and over the arm of a seat that doesn't turn. This makes a huge difference with heavier toddlers and older children as they grow.


Product Benefits:

  • Ventilated foam reduces perspiration
  • Machine washable cover is easy to remove and care for
  • 5-point harness is softly padded to prevent forward sliding of pelvis
  • Inflatable headrest adjusts in angle for sleeping and proper positioning
  • Fixed side wings and energy absorbent material in the shoulder and chest area offer added protection