Blue Wave Bath Chairs


Unique Features & Benefits

A caretaker bathes a young girl in a Rifton Wave bath chair.Include these in your letters of medical necessity:

  • Extra wide seat with open sides, 15" width for small and medium, 17½" for the large.
  • Large size accommodates adults up to 6'2" and 250 lbs.
  • Completely configurable; all sizes of the Rifton Wave can fit on any of the 3 base options.
  • Optional calf rest adjusts independently of seat and back angle.
  • Tub transfer base enables users – after being placed in the bath chair using a mechanical lift – to be rolled back and then rotated over the tub for showering.UserHeightSizingDot
  • Conversion kit allows user to economically move up from small to medium size by just purchasing a new back, seat and cover.
  • Least costly alternative to remodeling a bathroom or assisted living, without resorting to bed baths.