Tricycle by Rifton

Riding a bike is part of childhood, and this bike for children with special needs aims to provide that exhilarating experience to every child. We've thought through all the features – from the supportive backrest to the low transfer step – that will make this tricycle as accommodating as possible. Choose a traditional handlebar with conventional handgrips or a padded loop handlebar for extra support. Learn more about the features and benefits of these handlebars in the next slides. Open access combined with a low transfer step make it easy to get on and off the trike With the hook and loop straps on the self-leveling pedals, feet are secure. Your client can ride unaided, and have healthy exercise and fun. The easily engaged parking brake grips both back wheels, and keeps the Rifton adaptive trike firmly in place.Puncture proof BMX-type wheels. A low gear ratio makes pedaling easier for beginners, and slows down speeders.There's a tote box at the back of your trike for storage or for transporting items.