Inland Medical & Rehab provides a wide range of mobility equipment, daily living aids, power and manual  wheelchairs as well as scooters, to fit your physical disability needs. With all this, comes a team of experts, to help make your daily living easier. Meet your mobility team.


Your Pediatric Specialist: FRANK WHITNEY ATP, C.E.O./Rehab Specialist

frank.jpgFrank graduated in 1979 from Mead High School in Spokane WA.  Soon afterward he started working as a wheelchair technician apprentice, working under a rehabilitation specialist with a national company in Spokane. He received on the job training, working closely with individuals and their physical challenges.  After several years of in depth training, he brought his own vision, expertise, knowledge base and passion, and with his partners, opened Inland Medical and Rehab in 1988. He has been ATP RESNA Board Certified since 2007. 

For 40 years, Frank has dedicated his life to helping patients, with emphasis in pediatric care; he is the person to help your child get mobile, with the perfect pediatric wheelchair and pediatric walking equipment that they will need to keep on track with their rehabilitation. Though, Frank’s emphasis is on Pediatrics, he has dedicated his life to all patients and helping them in their rehabilitation journey. Most of his patients have been trusting Frank with their care for their entire life span, and in so doing, Frank understands their struggles and adapts their equipment to their particular physical needs.  They trust him completely with their care, and many of Frank’s wheelchair designs are one of a kind!  Some of the patients that come to Inland Medical and Rehab had no quality of life, however, when they leave, they go away with a new found hope and once again can live life to its fullest!  Franks customers truly become his friends and extended family.

DON WHITNEY BA, RN, C.O.O./Chief Compliance Officer

003.jpgDon graduated in 1985 from Mead High school.  After high school he went on to Gonzaga University and graduated in 1989, majoring in philosophy.  Soon afterward, an interest in healthcare sparked, and Don went back to further his education at SCC where he graduated with an AAS degree in Nursing, and taking his board exams, became licensed as a Registered Nurse.  He worked in the Intensive Care Unit at Deaconess Hospital, and soon decided to shift his focus to the homecare field, so he chose to come to Inland Medical & Rehab to run and operate the business, putting both his philosophy and nursing degrees to task.   

Don’s primary focus is working closely with each team member of Inland Medical & Rehab to ensure that each individual is using their particular strengths and talents in their dedicated positions.  By doing so, this ensures patient satisfaction, which is the company’s main focus.  Don cares deeply for each team member, and makes certain that they have balance in both their business and professional lives.  Reflective in the care and service the customers of Inland Medical receive, the positive working environment that Don has so deeply engrained in the employees is shared with each interaction and level of service provided.  

As C.O.O., Don is in charge of all the Day to Day Operations of the Business, and as Chief Compliance Officer ensures that the business is ran with integrity and morals.  Don is also responsible for Performance Improvement, Quality Outcomes, Price Negotiations, Insurance Contracting, Joint Commission Standards and Staff Education.  He is dedicated to serving the patient with superior products at an affordable price.  His greatest joy comes from seeing how the services Inland Medical & Rehab provide, changes peoples lives for the better!


MARK JOHNSON, ATP, Rehab Specialist

mark.jpgMark Johnson has been with Inland Medical and Rehab for over 20 years.  He started as a driver and a customer service representative, and he works mainly with adults that have all varying types of disease states, and his passion is to be a part of the solution in keeping the customer safe and independent. Mark recommends always having a therapist involved in the process. He has been ATP RESNA Board Certified since 2008.

A customer's independence starts with the initial visit, where he works closely with the therapist to take the customer through a step-by-step procedure to come up with a perfect fit for their mobility.  All his customers appreciate his “no pressure” evaluation and positive attitude.  Mark insists on working hard for the customer and it shows in all he does.

BRANDON WHITNEY, ATP, CSR Team Leader/Rehab Specialist

brandon.jpgBrandon started working for Inland Medical & Rehab in 1999 after graduating high school. He started part time as a delivery driver, while working to earn a degree at Eastern Washington University. Brandon graduated from Eastern with a degree in Busines Management and Human Resources, and eventually has worked his way up to become the customer service team leader. He completed the ATP RESNA Certification in 2012, and is now Inland Medical's "in house" rehab specialitst.

     Brandon enjoys helping customers that come into the store and who call on the phone. If someone is in need of complex rehab equipment and would like to be helped in the store, Brandon can measure and evaluate the customer before they leave. He feels that the customer is always the first priority, and he works hard to make sure that every need has been met, each time they walk in the door.