McCarty SacroEase Seat Cushion RSC-RX

Sacroease coccyx cushion - premium quality seat cushions

The McCarty's Sacroease Model RSC-RX is an extra 1" cushioned version of the basic RS model, but with an additional coccyx cutout for relieving pressure on your bottom and tailbone areas.

The McCarty's Sacro-Ease coccyx cushion provides a firm stable seat support. Professional styling, built to last for years.

The McCarty's Sacroease seat, and specifically the cutout area has proven to be very effective for those with variety of problems sitting comfortably.

For those who have trouble sitting comfortably, the model RSC-RX provides relief to the coccyx bone, or tailbone, as well as numerous other ailments affecting this sensitive area of your body.

Dimensions - 15"w x 14"d x 1"

McCarty's Sacro Ease cushions are heavy duty, high quality. Made with a steel frame, rubber strapping, and fabric. McCarty's Sacro Ease cushions are made to order and built to last.