McCarty SacroEase Seat and Back Cushion TriMet-TriMet Rx

McCarty's TriMet Seat & Back Support Cushion with Lumbar Support Backrest

The Sacro Ease TriMet model was specially constructed for STA Bus Drivers to fit the STA bus bucket and bench-style seats which are too soft and worn out to provide adequate support under the hips and behind the lumbar spine.

All Sacro-Ease models are constructed of high quality materials to ensure years of effective service.

Sacro Ease BackRest and Seat, Padded ModelFeatures

  • 1/8" carbon steel frames
  • Specially compounded internal latex rubber supports
  • Impact resistant hinges
  • Durable, attractive, washable, and cool to sit on woven cover fabric.
  • One inch padding in seat, can also be ordered with Memory Foam and/or a special Rx cutout for an additional cost.
  • Removable pillow can be adjusted from bottom (lumbar) to top (thoracic) of backrest (seen on top of backrest in image above). Most users will find the low (lumbar) position provides the proper support.
  • Seat & Back fold and have carrying handle for easy transport
  • Backrest is 19" high. Seat is 15" deep. Width is 15" in the back and tapered to 19" in the front.