McCarty SacroEase Keri Cush (Lumbar Support)

McCarty's Keri Cush Back Support
featuring Memory Foam Pressure-Relieving Material

Popular, Portable Heavy Duty Sacro Ease Keri Cush -- Comfort Memory Foam pressure-relieving material Back Support Cushion

Keri Cush with Memory Foam Comfort -- Sturdy Portable Back Support Cushion - Car Back Support Cushion or Chair Back Support Cushion

McCarty's Sacro-Ease Backrest and Seat - Memory Foam Model

The Keri Cush portable back support is built for maximum comfort and durability. The Keri Cush when positioned behind your back gives you superior back support. With a steel frame and rubber supports it provides far more support than any of the foam only products.

The fabric is Teknit, a soft knit fabric that is 100% Polypropylene

Comfort Memory Foam pressure-relieving material provides maximum comfort. Adjustable strap lets yoou secure the back cushion in place at the perfect height for optimum support.

The Keri Cush back support is perfect for office chairs and auto seats that do not require additional support on the bottom. The strapping system is easily adjustable to secure in place after you get it positioned.

A good solution for tall people in small cars that require additional lumbar support.

Weighs only 5 pounds. Approx 15" wide and 14" tall.