Courtney Beds

Courtney Bed, Inc is the proud manufacturer of a specialized bed designed to keep your loved ones safe and secure while sleeping. A great alternative to a traditional enclosed hospital bed, the Courtney Bed is a beautiful piece of furniture.

The Courtney Bed bedframe is hand-crafted from solid hardwood, there is no metal, PVC or any other material used in fabrication. 

The sidewalls are made with a heavy-weight material that has a high burst rating, super flexible and very easy to wash. All sidewalls are independent of one another and can be taken out separately.  

The Courtney Bed is supplied with an 8" memory foam medical mattress, custom-made to fit perfectly inside the bedframe.  This precision-fit mattress prevents borrowing and eliminates the risk of entrapment.  

When inside the Courtney Bed, no wood is exposed, both protecting your loved one from potential injury from head banging and/or access to chew the wood.  

The sub-frame and mattress boards provide a rugged platform for those that have a need to jump or bounce.