Car Caddie


Car Caddie

  • Product Code: 2080
  • About This Product


    The CarCaddie makes it easier to get in-and-out of the car. Simply roll down your window and attach the CarCaddie to add an extra support handle on any door of the car. Use it with our Handy Bar for maximum support.


    Features & Benefits


    • No-Slip Handle - Makes it easy to stand from your car.
    • Easy Installation - Installs and removes in seconds.
    • Adaptable - Fits any framed window.
    • Adjustable - Adjusts in length to fit your preferences.
    • Lifetime Guarantee - If you are unsatisfied for any reason – we will fix or replace your product.


    How We Compare


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    - Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
    - Car Types: Universal Fit
    - Strap Length: Adjusts from 7”–16”
    - Handle Width: 5”

    • Does it fit any door?

      Yes – It fits all car doors with a full-frame around the window.

    • Can it stay on the door?

      Yes – the window can be rolled up and the door can shut properly once installed.

    • Does it pull the car door towards you?

      No, because of the downward forced used to stand out of the car, the car door will not swing towards you.

    • What is the warranty?

      All of Stander products come with a Lifetime Warranty! If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, we will fix or replace your product.


    Roll your windows down enough to loop the end of the CarCaddie around the top of the frame of the window. Snap it in plaice and adjust the strap length so you can reach the handle when seated. Move the CarCaddie along the frame to find the most effective location for maximum assistance. Roll up window to secure CarCaddie.