Automobility Solution


Automobility Solution

  • Product Code: 3033
  • About This Product


    The Automobility Solution is an all-in-one solution to make getting in-and-out of your car... Easy! This combo pack contains our Swivel-Seat-Cushion to help pivot your legs; and Handy Bar to help you easily get in-and-out of your car for stress-free traveling.


    Features & Benefits


    • Handy Bar - Non-slip handle makes it easy to sit and stand from your car.
    • Swivel Seat Cushion - Pivot out of your car with ease.
    • Durable - Supports up to 350 lbs.
    • Universal - Handy Bar fits on any door latch – no vehicle modification required.




    - Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
    - Car Types: Universal Fit

    • Can the Handy Bar fit any door?

      Yes, the Handy Bar fits 99% of all makes and models.

    • How much weight can the Handy Bar support?

      350 lbs

    • How does the swivel cushion make it easy to get of out of the car?

      The swivel seat cushion allows you to easily swivel your body to a standing position – while the Handy Bar offers an extra handle to provide an extra helping hand when getting out of the car.

    • What is the warranty?

      All of Stander products come with a Lifetime Warranty! If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, we will fix or replace your product.